Bigas manufacturing process consists of several transformation cycles during which the final product takes shape.

The initial raw materials consist of bars, cast billets or even semi-manufactured products, which undergo many transformations during the production cycle until the final product is ready.

The manufacturing process primarily consists of machining with CNC lathes or machining centres.

Bigas carries out meticulous tests on the workpieces at each step of the manufacturing cycle and at every stage of machining in order to certify their compliance with the tolerances, as well as the quality of the materials and finishes used. Quality control is carried out using measuring instruments. It is done after each manufacturing stage in order to achieve complete product traceability.




The Assembly and Quality control stages are all performed in-house in order to ensure the highest possible quality and manufacturing flexibility.

All the main materials, such as cast metals, are supplied by top-ranking Italian companies.


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