TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY: The new energy horizon


Bigas International Autogas Systems designs, develops and manufactures components and complete systems for conversion to LPG and CNG. The company's mission is to create innovative products to better use alternative energy sources and environmentally friendly.

The long history and great credibility achieved on the international markets, make Bigas International Autogas Systems an excellent protagonist of the new global energy scenarios..



On the sustainable development


Bigas International Autogas Systems offers great opportunities to the worldwide drivers, working every day with heart and passion for human welfare and environmental protection, combines cost and energy saving.


The excellence Areas


Three key concepts distinguish the company, the value of its employees and the quality of its products:

Technology reliability

To maintain its quality standards, among the highest in the world, Bigas International Autogas Systems designs, develops, manufactures and tests its systems entirely in-house.

No problem technology

Bigas International Autogas Systems is a certainty to drive on the road: its solutions offer to the drivers the maximum comfort, while the quality of its products provides value to the work of mechanics and distributors.

Made in Italy by Bigas

Perfect synthesis of the Italian excellence in the mechanics field: Bigas International Autogas Systems is considered an Italian benchmark for business partners, distributors and drivers around the world.


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