Can I park my CNG car indoors, like in the basement of a block of flats?

European law does not place any restrictions on whether CNG vehicles may access indoor or underground garages or ferries.  

Can I embark on ships with a gaseous-fuel-driven car?

There are no laws and everything is left to the discretion of the shipping companies. It is common, consolidated practice to declare that the car is gaseous-fuel-driven when purchasing the ticket and when boarding.

Can I park my LPG-fuelled car in underground garages?

The only restriction is that cars with LPG systems cannot be parked below the first basement floor. However they must be equipped with UN/ECE 67.01 safety systems to use underground garages.

Can I drive a CNG or LPG car when road traffic has been restricted?

In the event of number plate or other restrictions on traffic, CNG and LPG vehicles can always be used since they areconsidered ecological cars.

Is additional road tax charged for LPG cars?

No. Some regions actually charge lower rates or even grant exemptions for cars converted to LPG or CNG.


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