Does the LPG system erode?

No, it is not subject to any kind of erosion or deterioration.

What does LPG system maintenance consist of?

When the system is installed, the following components must be checked: - spark plugs, air filter, and cleanliness of the throttle body. - upon servicing after 1000 km: general system check up (LPG or CNG), clamp tightness check, check for leaks, and carburation check. - upon servicing after 15000 km : general system check (LPG or CNG), clamp tightness check, check for leaks, spark plug check, car electrical system check (oxides on connections), gas filter replacement (and, in the case of LPG, solenoid valve filter replacement), and carburation testing and adjustment. - in general, servicing should be done every 15000 km. The reducer should be checked every 30000 km to make sure there is no oil or other residues due to the different composition of the fuel. With gaseous fuel systems, it is also very important to check the spark plugs frequently and replace them before clocking up over 20,000 to 25,000 km, except in the case of special spark plugs (platinum, etc.).

How often should I change the filters?

Filters should be changed every 15000 km.

How often should CNG tanks be serviced?

They should be serviced by the G.F.B.M. (Gestione Fondo Bombole Gas Naturale = Natural Gas Cylinder Management Fund) in Italy and this can be done at authorized garages. European standard R110 systems should be serviced every four years.

When should I replace my LP tank?

Both toroidal (spare wheel compartment) and cylindrical LPG tanks last ten years from the date of installation. For instance, a tank manufactured in 2007 and installed in 2009 must be replaced in December 2019 unless the car needs servicing a matter of months before the end of the replacement year. In other words, if the tank needs replacing in December 2019 and the car needs servicing in August, it must be replaced before the servicing.:  Unlike CNG tanks, LPG tanks cannot be serviced: they have to be replaced.

After installation, do I sometimes have to use the car with petrol (gasoline)?

If the system installed has mixers, you must occasionally run the car on petrol. It is advisable to keep about a quarter of a tank of petrol and consume it every two full tanks of LPG. This is done to keep the petrol in the tank and the mechanical parts clean, and prevent degraded petrol from damaging them. If the system installed is sequential, it is not necessary to use the car with petrol since during ignition and - in special conditions - during use, there is some petrol consumption. Nevertheless, we recommend you never fill the petrol tank over half way so that the petrol is continuously changed.


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