How much does a car converted to CNG lose in performance compared to a petrol (gasoline) fuelled car?

With the new CNG supply systems, the difference in performance compared to petrol fuelled cars is less than 10%.

Does engine performance change with LPG?

Unlike older systems, electronic LPG injection systems today ensure virtually the same performance as the original fuel system. A gaseous mixture with high antiknock capacity leads to a general improvement in the working conditions of the engine and therefore increases its life.

Once the car has been converted to CNG or LPG, can it be fuelled with petrol (gasoline) again?

Converting the car to CNG or LPG does not affect the way the car works with petrol. You can choose the type of fuel each time by pressing the switch on the dashboard. The car always starts with petrol and automatically switches over to gaseous fuel after about 30 seconds, once it has reached the correct running parameters. Once the car has been converted to CNG or LPG, the distance you can go on a full tank increases since you can count on two different fuel systems.


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